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Digital X-Rays

Thanks to advances in technology, the world of dental X-rays has changed considerably. At Glastonbury Dental Associates, we use state-of-the-art digital sensors to capture the X-Ray images we need to help diagnose and treat our patients. Though we promise to only take the X-Rays on our patients that are absolutely needed, our patients benefit from the latest technology in digital radiography.

The advantages of Digital over the old film X-Rays are numerous. For one, digital images are captured instantly and directly on the computer. Through our imaging software, our dentists have the ability to modify the image by changing things like contrast, sharpness, color and they can zoom in many times on particular areas of the image to get a closer look. Because the images are captured on the computer, using Digital Radiography completely eliminates the need to use the harsh chemicals that develop old film X-Rays, so they are environmentally friendly. Whats more, every image is stored in our computer system, so they can’t be misplaced or lost. Perhaps the best benefit of Digital X-rays is to the patient: each film uses about 50% less radiation than is needed to take an old style X-Ray with film!

If you want to learn more about digital X-Rays or want to set up a consultation, please call us at our Glastonbury, CT dental office to learn more!