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Sleep Apnea Therapy – Glastonbury, CT

Stop Snoring and Get the Rest You Deserve

Why Choose Glastonbury Dental Associates for Sleep Apnea Therapy?

  • Comfortable & Convenient Oral Appliance Therapy
  • Effective Alternative to CPAP Machine
  • Knowledgeable and Caring Dental Team

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Young man snoring in bed

Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by repeated pauses in a person’s breathing while they are asleep. The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which occurs when tissues in the throat block the upper airway. People with OSA are likely to snore loudly, wake up with a headache or sore throat, feel tired all the time, and sometimes wake up gasping for air.

Central sleep apnea (CSA) is a less common condition that occurs when the brain does not send proper breathing signals to the body during sleep. Mixed sleep apnea is a combination of OSA and CSA.

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Exhausted woman sitting at work desk

At first, sleep apnea might seem like little more than an annoyance. However, it can lead to some serious consequences if it remains untreated:

  • You may be at a heightened risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and dementia. In fact, untreated sleep apnea is often cited as a contributing factor to early death.
  • Sleep apnea tends to make its victims very tired, so you could face an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents.
  • Your emotional and mental health, as well as your relationships with others, could suffer. For example, sleep apnea can lead to sexual dysfunction, so it could negatively affect intimacy with your partner.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Couple sleeping peacefully in bed

After you undergo a sleep test and receive an official diagnosis, you may be presented with a few different treatment options.

The most popular way to address OSA is a CPAP machine, which uses pressurized air to keep the airway open during sleep. Sadly, many people find their CPAP to be uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Here at Glastonbury Dental Associates, we offer an alternative option. We can provide a custom oral appliance, which gently repositions the lower jaw in order to keep the airway open and allow for the free flow of oxygen. Unlike a CPAP, an oral appliance is highly portable, involves no masks or tubes, and is relatively comfortable.

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