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TMJ Therapy for Glastonbury, CT

When a patient comes to us complaining of chronic headaches or jaw pain, we know that the problem may likely lie in the Temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. TMJ dysfunction can cause of a range of pains, in the head, face, shoulders and neck, because the system of bones is so intimately interconnected. A little misalignment in the TMJ can lead to big problems, and we offer TMJ therapy at Glastonbury Dental Associates to help alleviate the pain and make life more enjoyable.

Our dentists are highly trained how to diagnose and treat most TMJ issues. For most patients, relief can come through non-surgical TMJ therapy, and can include the creation of intraoral appliances designed to prevent nighttime grinding and clenching. They also keep the jaw in just the right position to alleviate strain and fatigue. Occasionally, patients who've been suffering from chronic headaches but haven't found a solution can find relief through TMJ therapy.

Symptoms that might point to a TMJ problem include chronic pain in the head, cheek and jaw  clicking or popping of the jaw joint when opening your mouth, and restricted opening of the mouth.

If you've been experiencing chronic headaches, shoulder pain, jaw pain, neck pain, or back pain, visit Glastonbury Dental Associates in Glastonbury, CT to discuss possible problems with TMJ dysfunction. Our office will perform a thorough examination to discover the source of your discomfort and provide the appropriate treatment if TMJ dysfunction is your problem. Contact us to make your appointment.