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Digital Impressions

At Glastonbury Dental Associates, we are committed making dental treatment better and easier for you as a patient by employing cutting-edge technology. This is why we have invested in CEREC-Connect, a digital imaging system that has revolutionized how crowns and bridges are made.

When patients have needed a crown in the past, the conventional procedure was to use goopy impression material in a tray to capture the shape of a patients teeth. This mold would be sent to a dental lab, where a technician would then pour the impression in plaster to make a model of the patients mouth before a crown could be made. This method often was uncomfortable and can be bad tasting, and was never popular for people with a bad gag reflex!

With the advent of CEREC Connect digital impressions, the dentists at Glastonbury Dental Associates have made crown and bridge procedures quicker, easier and far more comfortable. Now, when the dentist has finished a tooth preparation, we use the CEREC imaging system to create a virtual, 3D, model of your teeth on our computer. The image is then sent directly to the dental lab over the internet, where the lab creates a resin model of your mouth using a sophisticated 3D printer. Now, instead of a plaster model, the technician works off of the resin model to make your crown!

If you know you need crowns or bridges or just aren’t sure how to best fix your teeth, we encourage you to call our Glastonbury dental office today and set up a consultation! We are waiting to hear from you!