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Benefits of Dental Implants - Glastonbury, CT

Invest in a Long-term Solution

1. Predictable and Reliable Results

Older woman with a dental implant smiling.

A dental implant is the most successful solution to treat tooth loss. In fact, it offers over a 95% success rate with the right aftercare. Dental implants are proven to last for decades if you commit to your oral hygiene at home and visit your dentist regularly. You’ll enjoy a long-term investment that should never need to be replaced.

2. Feels Natural

Model of a dental implant in jawbone.

Traditional prosthetics have undergone several upgrades over the years to function better, but they will always have their limitations. A dental implant doesn’t rely on other teeth or an adhesive for support. Instead, your jawbone stabilizes your restoration, so you can regain as much as 70% of your natural biting force. You can chew your favorite foods again to maintain a balanced diet.

3. Preserves Your Jawbone

Woman at consultation for a dental implant.

A dental implant is the only treatment to stop the complications associated with tooth loss because a titanium post serves as a new root. The post will stimulate your jaw to prevent bone loss and stop dental drift. As a result, you’ll preserve your natural teeth while also providing your facial tissues with support for a youthful appearance.

4. Decreases Oral Health Expenses

You’ll initially pay more for dental implants than other treatments, but they are the most cost-effective overall. With the right care at home, you’ll never need to pay to have your dental implants replaced to save money down the road. In addition, they also protect any remaining natural teeth from the common complications associated with tooth loss. You’ll have a decreased risk of cavities, gum disease, and additional tooth loss to reduce your long-term oral health expenses.

5. Enhanced Self-Esteem

If you have an incomplete smile, it’s easy to feel insecure about your appearance. Not to mention, people may view you differently, like being older, less intelligent, or unprofessional. Filling the space in your smile will instantly boost your self-esteem and change first impressions. You’ll look younger, smarter, and more professional. This can open new doors to promote your social and career opportunities for a better outlook on life.

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If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of dental implants for yourself, it’s time to contact our office to schedule your consultation for a complete smile. We look forward to helping you invest in your quality of life.